Life and Love

I wrote this a few months ago and now I feel compelled to share it with people. Hopefully it brings understanding to those close to me. I wrote this regarding my relationship with my daughter’s dad. It has taken me years to get to this point in my life and for that I am truly … More Life and Love

My Bobby Crush

I have this mega, huge, totally¬†embarrassing¬† crush on Bobby Flay. Totally ridiculous. My husband rolls his eyes every time I start talking about how Bobby was doing this and that on the food network. Well, I was so excited to see him this week on Rachael Ray (another fave of mine) talking about his new … More My Bobby Crush

Delicious Breakfast

    I made my version of ¬†these amazing little guys this am. They added a little oatmeal banana sunshine to my morning. Hands down, delish. I got this recipe at Chocolate Covered Katie via Pinterest. Yummy!  

My Excuses

I had a minor set back this week when I rolled a rib. It just plain hurt like hell. I wasn’t sleeping, and even after a trip to the chiropractor, I still couldn’t turn my head or raise my right arm. I wanted to skip cardio on Friday. I really, really, really wanted to. In … More My Excuses

Hello Monday

Today was day two of my 5k training plan and I totally rocked it. I am so proud of myself for getting the motivation to do it. Saturday (day one) I went with a friend. I couldn’t back out. She would know that I didn’t step up. But today, all by myself, I conquered that … More Hello Monday

My Body Situation

Here’s my confession/situation for today. Everyone ready to gasp? I am about to post my fitness numbers right here for the public to see. The reason…my body image. I have struggled obsessively for the last 7 years about the way I look. It really hit me how much I hate my body when I heard … More My Body Situation