Monday Motivation, Fall in Love with Yourself


Everyday is plain and simply a challenge. It is never easy and nothing really ever just falls into place. I am consistently comparing myself to the world around me. I always want to be better, do better and look better. I do feel like I have meaningful relationships and I strive to love those around me. However, I really do not love myself. I dwell on my past mistakes and often find myself living outside of the present. I avoid the bathroom mirror like its the plague when I get in the shower every morning (or afternoon, who am I kidding?). I absolutely can not look at myself in the mirror and say “I’m seriously in love myself”. It feels wrong and makes me feel ashamed of myself. I know I am not alone in this anti self proclaimed love affair. The strange thing is that when I hear other women say they fell the same way I do, I seriously think they are bat shit crazy. Why in the world would you not think you are pretty? You are gorgeous! So,why is it that I can’t believe someone would feel negative, even though I do?

I know the answer here, it is just freaking ridiculous! Like, absolutely freaking ridiculous. How can we expect so much love from others, yet not love ourselves? We can’t. We have to love ourselves unconditionally, emotionally and physically. We have to wake up every morning and simply fall in love with who we are right that very second. We have to take it in and appreciate how amazing we are. How motivational would it be to absolutely fall in love with yourself? Think of all the things you could conquer. Think of how much love and happiness you could spread if you simply just loved yourself first. Our bodies spend their entire lives taking care of us, so let’s show it some love in return. I’m giving myself permission to love myself unconditionally right now. Let’s take this one day at a time and seriously fall in love. Let’s make it a passionate love affair with ourselves. Happy Monday love birds! You’ve totally got this day conquered!


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