Hey You, Lose That Self-Doubt

After much debate and consideration and putting it out into the world, I did step outside of that comfort zone as promised on Monday. However, as I did and I reached out to others to do the same, I was surprised to encounter so much self-doubt in the world. I know that I have my share of doubts (like a storage locker full), but I was surprised to learn how much doubt other have in themselves. I feel like I know so many strong and beautiful women, but when they are asked to step outside of their comfort zones, they instantly become nervous and go to that dark space in their heads filled with self-doubt. I’ve been there and the lighting sucks and usually it smells a lot like a-hole.

You know when you feel like you are the only one who can’t do hard things and you see how successful everyone is around you? It makes you feel defeated, small and insignificant. The truth is that everyone around you feels that way too and its a shitty state of mind. Just because you think someone is confident, strong and pretty does not mean that they feel that way too.

                                                         Believing is all just a state of mind.

Well, I’m here to tell you ladies that you are all strong and confident! Take that risk and do something that you thought you could never do. I have tried several scary things this week. Seriously, I did! They have all been so worth it and hey, it’s only Wednesday! I invite you to try new things with me and see how amazing you feel when its all over. Then in turn encourage others to do the same. Like I’ve said before, all we have is each other. Let’s build one another up until we have created an empire. A really cool one with glitter and cupcakes! Lose that self-doubt because you are so beautiful and capable of moving mountains (or just the couch, if you’re not into moving mountains)!


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