Monday Motivation, Step Outside of That Comfort Zone


I woke up early this morning and was trying to decide on a place and an intention for this week. It just was not working out well in my head. We’ve all experienced that self doubt that looks something like this, “OMG, it’s Monday and I have done nothing with my life. I have to suddenly conquer the world and I have missed my opportunity (picture nuclear explosions and such)”. This was me, all before 6am of course. I spent a good hour basically dwelling on nothing when it occurred to me that I was being a bit dramatic.

The truth is that no one has ever conquered the world and no one has definitely ever done it before 6am on a Monday morning! It’s a complete fact, google it!! While I can not conquer the world I can at least embrace it and everything it has to offer. I am going to truly find my comfort zone and break out of it. I am going to make new connections and try some new things. It might be uncomfortable at first, but hey if I try hard enough it might be something amazing and potentially life altering. Who knows, I might just figure out how to step outside of that comfort zone so far that eventually I will conquer the world, theoretically speaking of course! Happy Monday and here’s to feeling motivated.


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