This Lady Rocks!

In continuing my weekly theme of women rock, I stumbled across this article about a week ago. This lady is seriously amazing. If you have ever felt less than amazing or hated the way you looked in that swimsuit (everyone has, don’t lie) then you should read this. For me it is a struggle to go to the pool and we do it 24/7 here in the desert. Every time its the same thing and I basically end up fat shaming myself the whole time. Well, you know what F&*k that! PS…don’t read this if you are easily offended by the F-word. Better yet, just read it and get over it because it is seriously worth it  You can find the article here I Wear a Bikini because… Fu*k You.

This lady has it going on and no one is going to stop her!
This lady has it going on!

I’m still not ready for that bikini, but the next time I feel like explaining my swim attire…well I’m just not going to.


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