Let’s Try Empowering This Time

The last few weeks a few things have been floating around in my head. Well a few million things, but one thing that has really stuck out to me is how hard it is to be a women. I am not talking about that oppression thing or equal rights. I mean being a women is hard! It is mainly hard because of the fact that women can be down right nasty to each other. They can make you feel like you are never going to be good enough and that no matter what you wear it is never right. We have come so far as women, so why is it necessary to tear each other apart now? We as women are all we have! Women have women, that’s it. We belong to this wonderful group of people who can bring a human life into this world and raise it with unconditional love. Yet the first chance we get, we hurt one another. I know that I have been guilty of this too many times in my own life (way too many). You see someone else who is smarter or prettier and you immediately start finding their flaws. The truth is that she is just as scared of being a women as you are. It is hard to walk around and be amazing without someone judging you.

Me and two amazing women. One I have know for years and the other I just met. Both incredible women who are doing some really cool things.
Me and two amazing women. One I have know for years and the other I just met. Both incredible women who are doing some really cool shit. Like, you should check it out.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a seminar. It was focused on creative women who are entrepreneurs. It was hands down the most amazing moment of my life and it was because I was able to see a fabulous group of women all come together and just be supportive. I even met women from other countries and they were genuine and loving. For the first time in my life I no longer felt outside of the circle I felt like I was a part of it. We are all part of a bigger circle and a bigger picture. I feel like society as a whole has come so far in American. Why stop now by destroying each other? We have all had our down days and we all could have used some support as some time in our lives. I know that I have felt so low so many times in my life. Wouldn’t it be amazing the next time you are in line at the grocery store and your child is throwing candy off the shelf and you want to cry (yes, this happens to me) that another mom in lined leaned over and said “Hey, you’ve got this”. Instead of giving you glares and passing judgement on your parenting skills. I know that I can do better and I will do better at supporting the women in my life. This includes the random strangers of the world. As women all we have is each other, isn’t it time we started to make a stand? I’m making a commitment to empower the women in my life. You are all strong and beautiful and I am so lucky to have met every single one of you. So the next time you feel attacked or trashed just shake that shit off. We don’t have to put it out into the world and we don’t have to take it in. xoxo


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