Monday Motivation You can do hard things!

-POP (1)

I’m making this my ultimate public service announcement. Life has challenges and is so incredibly full of them. This weekend I did something that felt miserable at one point, but once it was over I felt on top of the world, literally. We visited a National Park and went on a pretty steep hike this weekend. It wasn’t long at all, but my kids decided to turn into little a-holes at about step one. My husband pretty much ended up carrying them most of the way while the publicly made us look like the worst parents in history. How dare we make them experience nature and the beauty it has to offer them!! They were screaming and there were real tears shed. I am still not even sure why . We hike all the damn time, but yesterday was the day we decided to ruin their lives. Isn’t that our ultimate goal as parent? I think I’m winning this battle!

Anyways, we lived to tell the tale and when I made it up that last switch back, while practically pulling my daughter, I felt victorious! I did something hard while everyone stared at me (she was making these terrible fake whining sounds) and I just did not give one damn. I felt like I was a freaking rock star and the funny thing was my daughter did too. It’s those things in life that really make us who we are. If we live in our box and give up because someone might complain, then there really is no point to life. I can do hard things! I also showed my daughter that she was capable of doing hard things and nothing could stop her. These are the moments that motivate me to keep pushing myself and to never ever stop finding those hard things in life to do.


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