Collecting Moments

I had one of those days yesterday where I basically did nothing productive and carried around this huge lump of guilt about it. Guilt always gets me, that asshole. Last night as I was pondering upon my epic failure, I realized that it really does not matter. Tomorrow is going to be this amazing new day and the sun will come up and my kids will still be, well my kids.

The cold hard fact is that no one is judging my day or the small instances that created that day. One of which being that my cat decided I needed a “gift” at 5am. Turns out I really do not like lizards in my bed as a thoughtful gift, especially when they turn out to only be playing dead. The lizard is still at large somewhere in my house, but I’m quite certain he made his way back outside by using his tail to open the door while we were out! Lizards are so thoughtful that way. Anyways, my point is that today is new and I’m dedicating myself to collecting the moments and ignoring all the things. The things I did not buy and the the things I did not do are all stuck in yesterday. I get a new chance today and its going to be full of amazing moments. xoxo

Collect Moments


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