Hey myself and any random people who stumble across my blog! Somewhere in 2013 I feel off the blogging wagon, as if I was ever on it!! It still felt great to have a place to express myself and say what I wanted. I think that I left my blog behind because I felt too overwhelmed with life and too far behind. As if I owed my blog space some sort of explanation, but guess what? I pay for this cyber space, so I really don’t owe it crap. So, I’d like to say I’m back to blogging, but I make no promises. I work full-time, go to school with more than a full load, and have two young kids. I tend to break promises quite often. Especially if it involves lying to my eight year old about turning off Mario Bros. and going to bed early(yes, guilty obsession, I sneak back out and play for hours)…Don’t tell her! ANYWAYS, since we now live so close to Zion’s National Park, we took a little trip there on Sunday. Mr. C no longer requires a pack and walks…or is carried….and well Harlee just complains. But we love her even more for who she is! So sit back and enjoy some pics because if you are reading this, you are pretty much committed to looking! xoxoImageImageImage




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