Soldiers Hollow

We are looking quite stylish.

This is out adventure to Soldier’s Hollow in Midway. We started off with some cross country skiing. Which by the way, is totally exhausting. I was dripping under my coat. So was my brave seven year old. I thought she was an amazing skier and we both had an awesome time.

Tubing action.

The tubing hill was awesome. We got going so fast that we hit the fence at the bottom. Harlee loved it.

Soldiers Hollow
Harlee on her skis.

Harlee fell down a lot. But she kept getting back up. Her poor little hands have bruises today.


She made it to the top of the hill! The pic on the right is Harlee’s ski. Notice its missing Harlee. I had to go back down the hill and get it. This is where my patience really started to head south. After that incident, she really did an amazing job.


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