Christmas Chronologically

Over the river and through the woods to…how many grandmothers did we see?  Pretty much all of them. It was awesome. I thought the easiest way to show a small segminet of the 271 photos I took, was in chronological order of our expeditions.
December 23- Brunch with Santa and then onto Dale and Rhonda’s Christmas gathering.
Caiden wasn’t even scared of Santa and Harlee was delighted to meet a Mrs. Clause.
My brother Matt, my sister Amy, my dad Bill, and my step mom Brenda.
Opening presents. Tera and Lucy hogged all the prizes. 
The Parker clan with Santa hats. 
December 24-Christmas eve at my mom’s house. We opened a few presents that night before Santa came.
Caiden got a ride on Tow-mater. Harlee loves it too. 
I love pink PJs. Only in Wyoming you have to step over the snow to get inside. Yes, bow hats are required. 
December 25- Christmas morning!
Santa came! Jake opening his sound bar, Harlee and my mom contemplating life. 
Christmas Night-At my Grandma and Grandpa Loveless’s. I may or may not have taken a picture with everyone there. So, you’ll just have to get over seeing my beautiful face. Going through the pics I was like, hey look another one of me. Wow….
December 26-My Grandma and Grandpa Blanch’s house. Before party time my grandpa took us on a private tour of the local museum and an old dance hall. Don’t worry, we are coming to the end of the pic-o-rama.
Van’s Hall and the museum.
Hello you fine looking plastic man! 
Blanch family Christmas party. 
Pheewwww….that concludes our Christmas adventure. We traveled a total of roughly 653 miles and it was worth every minute of it. We had an amazing time and loved getting to see all of our beautiful family’s faces. Til next year…xoxo

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