Skelator Update!!

I came home to an amazing site tonight! My hunky husband, AKA Jake, building a gingerbread house for our sweet elf on the shelf, AKA Skelator. I’ll let the pictures do the talking with this one. 

Jake making the house from a pizza box, Skelator in his house, and a note from Skelator. 

Skelator even left a note. It says, “I loved your house so much I had to build my own and I found some friends.” We built a gingerbread house tonight so apparently our elf got jealous. I guess Skelator also found some Halloween skeletons to party it up with in his new house. Jake gets all the credit here… I heart it all!!! 

And in case you were wondering what else our elf has been up to, here are a couple of more fun ones.

Our helpful elf wraps some gifts.
And he pays some much overdue bills. He’s so thoughtful that way. 
If you don’t have an elf, you need to get one! Happy elfing (that sounds so wrong)! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Skelator Update!!

  1. At first I thought that too, but its been a lot of fun. Most days we just move him around. Sometimes I stick him in the tree or in the bathroom, easy stuff. When I have some extra time I do something silly with him. Harlee loves it. I'm sure you and your kids would have fun.

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