The best santa pic around….

Some more Christmas cheer! I got this pic in my email a couple of days ago and wanted to share it. Obviously my intentions were to have only the kids sit on Santa’s lap. Didn’t go as planned. Caiden  freaked out and he was not letting go of me! I can’t blame the little guy. Santa really isn’t all that friendly looking. Usually only hobos and drunks run around with beards like that. He just appears and disappears, and no one knows how he got there or where he went. Not to mention he’s yelling ho ho ho at everyone he sees and then expects you to sit on his lap…. So anyways, we took a family picture. 🙂
I’m totally aware of how annoyed I look, Caiden’s death stare, and that Jake looks photo shopped in! Thank god Harlee’s on point.


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