It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Its happened again….DECEMBER and Christmas time. I’ve been feeling somewhat scroogey this year, so in order to get into the holiday spirit, we decided to start a new tradition with the infamous Elf on the Shelf. I picked one up at Target on Black Friday. He came with a cute book and my kids, mostly Harlee, decided to name him Skelator. Really, Skelator. I guess they still think its Halloween. The first night the elf was at our house he left a cute message on our mirror. Well, the “fun-ness” of this did not go as planned. Harlee was terrified of him. She thought he was going to sneak into her room at night and get her. This coming from the girl who’s seen every movie, even the new one, in the Twilight saga. She thinks monsters and vampires are cool and she’s scared of a miniature stuffed elf with a red hat!!!! Needless to say, he spent a few nights in the garage. We reintroduced his by hanging him off the clock, fridge and banister. She seemed to warming back up to him. So last night, that naughty elf got into a can of our frosting and sprinkles. Luckily, Harlee thought this was quite hilarious. So the Elf on the Shelf is back on. I’m looking forward to many more wonderful adventures with our dear Skelator. 
I love my new home XOXO Skelator. 
I guess he was having a sugar craving!
And to increase some of our Christmas cheer, we took a train ride downtown to Temple Square last night, to see the spectacular Christmas lights. It is an incredible sight. I haven’t been since I was younger, and it was fun as an adult to see my kids enjoy this now.  The kids also had fun spending extra time with grandma and grandpa. 
Posing with the lights. 
Harlee posing next to the Macey’s sugar windows, which are spectacular!! And some fun train ride pics. 
Some beautiful shots of the LDS Temple. Harlee wanted to go inside the “castle”. 

From mine to yours, I hope everyone is enjoying the start of this holiday season. xoxo

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