Happy Halloween. Cops and robbers style!

Since we love Halloween so much, we always try to theme it. Last year we were pirates and a parrot. This year we were sheriffs and inmates. It was epic! We had so much fun trick or treating. We went with my brother and sister in law, and our cute niece Lucy. Caiden wore us all out. He was running as fast as his little legs could go. He had to hit up every house. Anyways, here are a ton of pics from this Halloween’s many celebrations. 

The four of us post trick or treating. 

Harlee, Jake and I (he always makes obnoxious faces to drive me crazy), Caiden and Lucy.
Me and my little pink prisoner! 

Funny glasses

Me and Tera

Trick or Treating Photos
I had to throw in a pic of me and Tera from my fabulous Halloween party the week prior. 

And me and Jake
I’m finishing it off with a throw back, pirate picture from last year. 

Happy Halloween from our family to yours! 

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