Bucket List…South Dakota!

So, I just went to charge the camera in prep of Halloween and realized my memory card was full! That means I have tons and tons of pics to post. But, since I have two kids and lots of homework to do…I’m only going to post my amazing trip last weekend to Mount Rushmore! I went with my parents to watch my beautiful sister compete at state swim in Gillette, Wyoming. We decided since we were so close to Grand Rapids, South Dakota, we would see Mount Rushmore. We also made a side trip to Sturgis and Devils Tower. I have three places to visit that I can check off my bucket list! Check, Check, Check! 
Me and Mandi at State Swim
Devil’s Tower! I make and amazing outdoorsy Vanna White! 
What a spectacular boot.
Can you spot us in the crowd??!! Sturgis, South Dakota. 
And then Mount Rushmore!!! 
I was trying to pull a serious president face! And damn was it cold!! 
I took so many pics. These are some of my fav. The Black Hills and Mount Rushmore were so gorgeous. 
Such and amazing trip. You may have noticed that there are no kids in these pics. Yes, I went solo.  There was just too much driving to take the kids along. I hope some day to take them to see one of America’s historic sites. 

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