Double Feature in St. George

I absolutely LOVE St. George. I love the sunshine, I love the low key, yet still a city vibe. And hello, its close proximity to Vegas! Anyways, we went for a visit to see my favorite aunt, who lives in St. George, and see the AMAZING plays at the Tuachan Theater. Harlee and I really enjoyed Aladdin, but as you can tell by the pics, Hairspray was by far our favorite. Tuachan theater is set in the beautiful red rock mountains. It is serene. It’s really something you have to see in person to appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery.

First Aladdin…

Then HAIRSPRAY!!! Me and Harlee below.

And some celebrating with chocolate eating in between. My wonderful and beautiful grandma was turning 76 year young!

Some beautiful pics of St. George and red rocks. Below is my fun aunt Barb. I really enjoying spending some time with her and doing some easy hiking. She took me to a an old hermit house built in the rocks. 

Our fun caravan pics. Below are my cute cousins Kaitlyn and Kailey. 

On the way home we made a stop at Historic Cove Fort. Personally, I would skip this in the future and just stop at the Maverik in Fillmore. It was over-loaded with mormonism and really took away from the historic factor. The kids had fun taking pics from up high.

Hope you enjoyed looking a my fun pics and reading my nonsense comments! Hearts and thanks for stopping by my “situation”. 

P.S. I would like to say thanks to my aunt and uncle for watching my crazy little man and my grandma and grandpa for taking us to the theater. 

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