An Amazing, Rainy, Labor Day Weekend!

You all might have noticed that it poured over the labor day weekend. We were suppose to spend the entire weekend at the lake, but we changed things up and had a great time. We kicked off the weekend by cheering my sister on at her swim meet! Go Mandi Go!!!! Yeah, we’re that family. 

Then, since it was still raining, we went to the Mountain Man Rendezvous in Bridger Valley. Don’t be jealous. It truly was incredibly fun. I just wish I could of had my pic taken with the man dressed as an indian in ONLY his loin cloth. Jake didn’t seem pleased with the idea, so I just passed on by. 

I wish someone would have explained where the bagpipes fit in? Maybe the Mountain Men liked Irish music….humm…
But then the rained cleared the next day and we arrived at beautiful Flaming Gorge. Thanks mom and dad for pulling our bootys around for two days. We had so much fun. xoxo
And yes that is me and my sis doing an amazing tube pyramid. I know, we have mad skills! 

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