My Excuses

I had a minor set back this week when I rolled a rib. It just plain hurt like hell. I wasn’t sleeping, and even after a trip to the chiropractor, I still couldn’t turn my head or raise my right arm. I wanted to skip cardio on Friday. I really, really, really wanted to. In my head I was justifying it. I had the perfect excuse to skip a workout! No one would even know. If my hubby asked I could just say I didn’t go because I was too sore. After spending about 30 minutes thinking it over, I had a revelation. The rest of the world would not know. They definitely would not care, but I would. The only person I would be letting down is myself. If I’m not doing this for me then who am I doing it for? I’m doing it so I can walk taller and feel proud of who I am. I am not letting myself down. So, I gathered myself up and had an amazing run! I felt truly lifted. Exercising improves my mood and lifts my spirit. I love the thrill I get when I reach out and take it. I overcame the negative self loathing voice in my head, and I move forward. The next time I am coming up with excuse, I am going to remember how great I feel after I push through it. Here is my Sunday inspiration for the rest of the week! 

And if you are wondering, my body felt better after I was done. The soreness and stiffness in my back relaxed. Its amazing how great I feel when I complete a workout.  

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