My Body Situation

Here’s my confession/situation for today. Everyone ready to gasp? I am about to post my fitness numbers right here for the public to see. The reason…my body image. I have struggled obsessively for the last 7 years about the way I look. It really hit me how much I hate my body when I heard my stick thin 7 year old repeat something about her body that I have said about myself. What kind of world and environment have I created for her? It has to change. And change I have…but I have to step it up for myself and beautiful little girl.

Those of you who know me best have been subject to my recent changes I have been making over the last two months. If you are going to eat with me it has to be clean. No processed foods. Only what nature gave us. The result is a 19.6lb weight loss in two months. I also can attribute this to an increase in exercise and all around I am being much more active. I have so much energy!!!! But, I have to step up my game! I have been challenged by a very close personal friend to run a 5K this spring. I thought she was drunk. I haven’t ran a 5K post baby. Crazy lady! She said something that really hit a nerve with me this afternoon, “I know you will take this challenge and run with it.” And run I will! Tomorrow we embark on a new adventure. There will be ups and there will be downs but I will run again!! So here before the myself and whoever happens to read this blog I will do it. I will be proud of myself again. I will show my daughter that its not whats on the inside that matters. Its what we can accomplish when we put our hearts into it. The sky is not even close to the limit. Here’s to stepping it up and stepping out from behind my protective shield.

My name is Samantha Parker. I am 5′ 9″. My current weight is 200.4lbs.

There, I said it. It’s just a number. It no longer owns me. I own myself. I will no longer compare my legs, stomach, arms, etc to anyone else. I am me and I love me.

I will continue to blog my success and my experience on the way to discovering my inner beauty.

Encouragement encouraged!

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have. It depends solely on what you think” -Buddha


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