Feeling Sentimental

My situation today is one of reflection. I dropped my husband off at the airport today for his longest army commitment since returning from his second overseas deployment in October.  He will be gone on and off for the next two months. Now I know this is only for training but I think I’m having flash backs! He’s still on U.S. soil with cell phone service and yet I cried like a baby the whole way home from the airport. I really wish there was a manual for military spouses.  Sometimes I can’t believe I actually made it through his deployment. Having to deal with household things, work and children is really stressful when you are going at it alone. Did I mention that I gave birth to a baby while he was gone?? My wonderful mother really saved me through those days. I also had a wonderful friend Allie who I know I couldn’t have survived without. I had some dark times and I had some light times. But I did it. I can’t even begin to understand how hard it had to have been for my husband. I know he worried about us more than I will ever understand. And since I know my husband likes to stalk my blog…Jake I love you and sometimes it takes you being gone for me to appreciate how much you mean to me. See you soon.  :*

Photos from Jake’s Return in October


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