Flaming Gorge

My summers are never whole without a trip to the Gorge. Flaming Gorge is located on the border of Wyoming and Utah. This beautiful lake mirrors the look of Lake Powell without the crowds. As long as I can remember we have been coming here as a family. Usually my hubby is off on his summer military commitment and has to miss out on the fun. This year we went early with my parents so we could enjoy the sun with the whole family. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without this monumental event taking place. It just doesn’t get any better than this. 
1-Caiden’s first tube ride. He neither hated it or loved it. 2-Mandi and Jake hitting the wake. 3-Mandi and Jake’s face hitting the wake. 3-Grandma and Harlee getting sprayed. 

1-Look I forgot to take my tank top off! 2-Best flag girl on the lake Harlee. 3-Caiden, Jake and Mandi enjoying the warm water.

1-Like father like son. Jake and Caiden skipping rocks. 2-Beautiful pink sunset. 3-Rock skippin in action.

1-Jake wake boarding. 2-Say cheese! Jake, Caiden and Harlee. 3-Caiden forgot to smile. 

Me and beautiful baby girl. 
Thanks Grandpa for dragging us around behind your wonderful boat!

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