Girls Weekend with Fam!

Ok Peeps! I think over the last year I got so addicted to Pinterest I forgot to keep on blogging! I’m just going to start from whats been happening recently! Starting with our fun family Girls Weekend! Well, family girls weekend plus Caiden of course!!! The weekend was a blast. Myself along with my sister mandi, my mom Janet, my cousin BreAnn, my grandma Kathy and my other grandma Marilyn went to the Arts Festival then over to the over the top new mall in downtown Salt Lake. Later that night we hit up the local Cafe Rio for chicken salads. We topped off our amazing day with seeing Brave in 3D. Here a few pics below of our day.
My mom somehow was conned into buying this adorable blue feather hat for Ms. Harlee. 

And A feather headband for my sister Mandi. My mom obviously got letf out somewhere so she decided to sport the hat Harlee made at the crafts booth. 

My cousin BreAnn, my grandma Kathy and Caiden. This is his get me the  hell out of here look. 

Love this pic. ❤ my sister!

As always a self pic with me and my little man. And yes we always sport red. Never Blue. 

This is the hour line my mom so willingly stood in to get Harlee’s tiger face painted.

Another cute pic of Mandi May.

Taadaaahhh! a tiger wearing a yellow shirt with a little blue hat.


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