My thoughts on Memorial Day

I think that Memorial Day is a very important holiday. It’s a great time to remember all of the fallen soldiers and heroes who have served our country. So don’t take this the wrong way when I start bashing it. I hate it. I hate all the programs on the radio naming off the soldiers who have lost their lives. The radio program I heard was reading a list of all the soldiers who only lived in Utah!!! How many young men must lose their lives for this stupid war. I asked my husband why they are there and he doesn’t even know why. I have to give him props though for being so willing to risk his life and sacrifice so much just because his country asked him to. But wouldn’t it be nice to have something to be fighting for?

I know that memorial day is for honoring those who have passed. It just really strikes a nerve with me. It makes me think who is next? I know that all army wives can agree with me on that one. It’s something you are always thinking about. It’s just not fun having a holiday dedicated to it. I wish that they would just skip it this year. Maybe I’ll write to Obama. I’m sure he would listen.

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