Just Sayin…

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for seriously several years now. I just didn’t know what I would blog about. Lately I have so many things going on in my head that it finally just clicked. I am going to blog about all the things I am thinking about that I don’t dare say out loud. Hopefully I don’t upset anyone. Hopefully I do! We will see what happens. Last night I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself reading through other peoples blogs. I have to say I was was really inspired about one of my friends posts. It was so real and personal. It really hit a nerve with me. I have to say thank you to her for being so brave to post something that so many other people were feeling. And thank you for inspiring me to do the same.

Just a little bit about me. I have a beautiful daughter named Harlee who just turned 6. She is beautiful and brave. I also recently gave birth to a handsome little boy who we named Caiden. He is now 2 months and old. Everyday I thank god for letting me watch over these two beautiful souls while they are here on earth. I am married to a wonderful man named Jake. He is currently serving in the army overseas. Having him gone has been such a struggle. The funny thing about that, is even though he is like a trillion miles away, I feel like we are still so connected. I love you Jacob Parker. So here I am at 26 raising two kids and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Not going to lie though its so damn hard. Sometimes, well not sometimes, most of the time I finish out my night with a glass or two of wine. It’s my reward for successfully staying sane and not losing it all together. Or maybe it keeps me sane. Either way I don’t care. Its working for me right now. Don’t judge lol! I look forward to many more blogs to come!!

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